Telephony & Mobile Broadband

Ambient Computer Services partners with Britains leading business hosted communication supplier. Using carrier grade technology throughout the network, we can provide a robust, reliable and truly ?exible business strength service.

The service is fully supported by a team of exceptional engineers and support staff that only have our customers best interest at heart. Hosted IP Telephony (HIPT) provides businesses with a network based communications service, providing a comprehensive range of hosted telephony features for a monthly user fee. The monthly fee includes all maintenance and support costs, giving you superior service at an all inclusive price.

The HIPT proposition delivers a converged voice service using voice over IP (VoIP), eliminating the need to make signi?cant capital investments in a PBX or IP-PBX. Businesses can gain access to a wide range of Centrex/PBX features, so those organisations that have traditionally used PBXs can now have the same features without the cost and complexity of purchasing equipment.

The HIPT service fulfils a wide range of requirements, ranging from basic services for small or single site operations, to more sophisticated services for those that operate multiple sites or call centre operations. Service features range from dial tone to advanced multimedia functionality. Each user is able to access full PBX functionality across a variety of different devices including IP phone, PC, PDA and smart-phone.

A simple to use PC Client and web interface provide easy routing and call control from any internet connected device. The service also integrates with other communications applications such as Microsoft outlook. Optionally, customers can subscribe to desktop video calling; personal agent web tools, such as call screening and ?nd me/follow me service; and collaboration tools, such as secure instant messaging, white boarding and instant file transfer.


Multiple sites and homeowners:

Companies with multiple sites can be connected to iHub via an IP network, either DSL or Ethernet, for all users to bene?t from identical services, no matter where they are located.


Use a single dialling plan for easy access to users wherever they may be


Provides the facility for anyone to work from anywhere with hot-desking, reducing office costs and increasing ?exibility.


Service configuration and internal provisioning via a secure web interface makes it easy for the IT/telecoms manager to control and manage multiple sites and users from a single interface.

Mobile Telephony and Broadband

We partner with one of Europes largest distributors of mobile phones, subscriptions and accessories. Established in 1989, they have expertise in both distribution (B2B) and retail.

Annually our mobile phone partners are responsible for:

  • 3,300,000 subscriptions (fixed, mobile, mobile broadband, insurance, etc.)
  • 3,100,000 handsets per annum
  • 3,500,000 accessories