Hardware & Software Supply

We specialize in all major software titles from Adobe, Microsoft and all of the top manufacturers. All of the products for sale on our website are full, UK, retail boxed and factory sealed software; it is the same box you would receive if you purchased direct from the manufacturer or from high-street vendors.

Ambient Computers supply a large range of computer products and services with the latest technology at the best value. We cater for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporate clients. At Ambient, our bottom line isn’t just about pounds and pence. It’s about the people we do business with – our customers.

Interactive Presentation Screens

For Education

Full HD and 4K Ultra HD interactive flat panels powered by Windows PDO PC or Android processors revolutionize the modern classroom by creating a connected and collaborative learning environment. The panels ranging in sizes from 70 inches to 86 inches, in HD and 4K resolution, can be wall mounted, or for greater mobility, attached to an adjustable stand that can be moved from classroom to classroom.

ActivPanel is powered by an external Android-based Mini PC that creates a captivating, tablet-like experience in the front of the classroom. This unique design enables schools to upgrade the devices performance over time to keep pace with rapid advances in computing technology. Alternatively, using an industry standard PDO PC, integrated into the ActivPanel itself, we can offer a full Windows based solution, that can connect to an establishment’s centralised network; this has the benefit of being able to access material and archives that are stored on a server.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership in its Class
The externally-accessible Android or Windows PDO PC simplifies the device maintenance process and minimizes the cost associated with display diagnostics and repairs.

Access Digital Teaching Tools
Easily mirror mobile devices to share content, or connect Bluetooth devices such as musical keyboards, digital lab sensors, and robots to support your lessons.

Teach with your Favourite Apps
Download and access apps directly from your home screen. The new ActivPanel connects you to the vast, ever-expanding world of educational apps.

Deliver Dynamic Lessons
ClassFlow Desktop, our free, next-generation lesson delivery software makes creating and delivering interactive lessons easier, and it works offline and online.


Our student engagement solutions for the modern classroom are driven by ClassFlow, an interactive lesson delivery system that increases the depth of student and teacher engagement by providing interactive and collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning.

ClassFlow Desktop, a native app for Windows and Mac OS that allows teachers to instantly turn anything displayed on your desktop into dynamic and interactive lesson content.
The ActivPanel is a large, vibrant, high-definition interactive flat panel display that supports whole-class instruction and up to 10 unique touches for collaborative learning.
Our solutions enable the flow of dynamic, interactive content across multiple connected devices. With it, teachers have a scalable way to measure the understanding of every student using formative assessments with live analytics. Armed with this data, teachers can use it to provide differentiated instruction to groups and individual students. Learning is also extended beyond the classroom, with solutions for blended learning, project-based learning and flipped classrooms.

For Corporates

Through our partnership with one of the World’s leading manufacturers on interactive touch screen, Ambient Computers are able to offer a complete solution for corporate and educational establishments.

Avocor interactive displays are specifically designed to be completely agnostic and easily integrated with a host of Unified Communication and Collaboration tools, streamlining and simplifying collaboration in meeting spaces and teaching rooms. Our innovative approach is derived from listening to our customers’ needs and requirements and delivering solutions which are truly different by design, ideal for all situations from huddle rooms to agile learning spaces.

Built with ease of use and familiarity in mind, the F series blends a Microsoft Windows 10 operating system with the superior touch of Avocor Intelligent Touch using InGlass technology, delivering a true tablet like experience that is not limited or restricted.

Avocor Intelligent Touch using InGlass technology delivers an extremely precise, smooth and accurate writing experience that is as natural as putting pen to paper. The solution supports up to 10 simultaneous touch points, facilitating group collaboration and communication and is 5x more responsive than other technologies available on the market. The 4K resolution of the display creates incredible visuals and brings content to life, while the anti-glare glass prevents tired eyes and is resistant to light interference.

The Windows 10 operating software is powered by an Intel Quad processor, offering a familiar user interface that is instantly recognisable and provides native integration with the Microsoft Office software suite, making everyday applications such as PowerPoint and OneNote easily accessible.

The Advanced Connect and Control bar can be easily accessed directly from the front of the display, hosting control keys and USB inputs. The durable, sleek and professional design of the displays is housed in a 17mm bezel with a 2mm ultra-low profile means the display is not affected by dirt or dust, significantly reducing screen downtime.

If you have a hardware or software requirement, please contact us.