Domain Names

A domain name is your website name and address, and a way of identifying websites on the Internet in a user-friendly manner. Without domain names, web addresses would be just a bunch of numbers, making navigating the web a lot harder.

Finding The Right Domain Name

The advantage of having an obvious domain name that is relevant to your website’s topic, is that it may help people find your website through keyword searches on Google and other search engines. Think of the keywords that best describe your website content, business or products – how would you search for your website?
For example, is more likely to appear under search engine results for car spares, than

Choosing a domain that is fairly intuitive will also help people remember your website. Now what’s the name of that website who compares insurance quotes?

.UK Domains

On June 6th 2014, the brand new .UK domains will be made available. The shorter and snappier domain extension brings the UK in line with other countries, who already use a similar system, such as France with the .Fr extension.

If you already own a, or domain name, then once the new .uk extension launches, then you will automatically have priority to purchase the equivilent .uk version. For example, if you currently use then the will be available exclusively to you for the next 5 years (subject to registration fees).

Domain Name Fees

For,, and .uk domains, we charge a registration fee of 25+VAT for two years.
For .com domains the fee is 35+VAT for two years registration.
Registrations for longer periods and for other domains (such as .shop, .eu, pro, .tv) are available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Renewals are charged at the same price as original registrations.

Please note, these fees cover the registration of the domain names only. The fees do not include website or email hosting for the domain name, and this needs to be purchased separately from Ambient Computer Services or a third-party.

Terms and Conditions

The registration of a & .uk domain is subject to Nominet’s terms and conditions. These can be found here, in addition to Ambient’s security and confidentiality policy. In this section you will also find the terms and conditions for registering a .com domain name. These terms and conditions should be read before registering a domain name through Ambient Computers, because by purchasing a domain through us, you are agreeing to these terms.

Making Changes To Your Domain Name

Should you need to make changes to your domain name, you should contact Ambient directly. Amendments can include, change of address or other contact information, to changing the name servers and assigning it to another registrar’s IPS Key.

For .UK domains, we do not charge a fee for amendments, including transferring to another registrar.

If you require a change to your domain that has been registered via Ambient Computer Services, then you should contact us via email with details of the amendment to be made. We will acknowledge your request witin 1 business day, and subject to Ambient authenticating that you have the right to request changes, carry out the amendments within 48 hours of the acknowledgement.

Renewing Your Domain

When your domain name is approaching it’s renewal date, Ambient Computer Services will contact you directly to discover if you wish to continue using the domain name. This will be between 30 and 60 days of the expiry date. If we are unable to get in contact with you, following several attempts, the domain will lapse, and will not be renewed. However, should you change your mind, and wish to renew the domain after the expiry date, we could still be able to assist in maintaining your domain name. There is a small window of time, once your domain name has expried, where we may be able to renew it on your behalf. If this is the case, please contact us.

Data Quality Policy

New guidelines from Nominet (the domain registry for .uk domain names), means the following information must be submitted to Ambient Computer Services when registering a .uk domain. Nominet will validate the details submitted on your application. If Nominet are unable to validate your information, Ambient Computers will contact you to check your information. If we do not receive a response within 30 days, your domain orders will be locked. If we are still unable to contact you a further 30 days later, then your domain order will be deleted.

When submitting your contact details, please ensure that the information given is accurate and in the following format:

Registrant Name (first + last name)

A valid, registrant name (your name) must be used. The name must contain at least 4 characters and of these, 3 or more must be letters.

Address Format

Your street name must contain non-numeric information (not just a number)
Your town or city
Your country
Your Post Code (where applicable for that country)

Phone Number Format

A phone number must be supplied, and must be in the following format:
Begin the number with a + (Followed with a country code e.g. +44, +33, +1) And the actual digits after country code (without any initial 0)

Email Format

Must contain an@
End with a valid TLD (Top Level Domain) e.g., .com
Contain at least one character before the @
Must not have any trailing or leading spaces

Customer Service and Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint about a domain name registration with Ambient Computer Services, please email us with as many details as possible. We will acknowledge your communication within one business day and strive to respond to the issue within a further 72 hours.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your complaint, you should request that your issue is escalated to director level. To do this, please forward your complaint to You will receive an acknowledgement in one business day and a further response within 72 hours of your issue being raised.

If you wish to contact us regarding a domain abuse issue, please email Ambient Computers. Again, we will acknowledge your communication within one business day and strive to respond to the issue within a further 72 hours.